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Creepy Little Girl I Drew by AutobotAxann Creepy Little Girl I Drew :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 0 1
Chrislma in Wasteland 1
Episode One:
The Return of Chrexis
You know those old stories, those old tales that lay abandoned on the bottom of the drawer in your desk?
Do you know what happens to those characters left all alone… their tales unfinished?
One little Hylian was about to discover the truth… because of a simple zip-drive.
Chrislma lay there watching the sky in the field, daydreaming for a bit before she finally snapped to attention and sat up. Her auburn hair was kept in a pigtail look, her Hylian ears twitching as she heard a distant hum of machinery. Her light blue dress was complimented by her pink fingerless gloves, pink bandanna tied around her neck, and her little pink shoes.
Her ears twitched once more. "What is that?"
She stood up and looked around curiously, before approaching a rather random hill.
Approaching slowly, and cautiously, Chrislma finally stopped, and stared at an opening in the hill of grass.
A voice suddenly piped, ""Chrislma, what are you do
:iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 1 3
Epic Mickey: THINNER by AutobotAxann Epic Mickey: THINNER :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 1 1 Epic Mickey: PAINT by AutobotAxann Epic Mickey: PAINT :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 0 0 Wolf Spotted In Snowpeak by AutobotAxann Wolf Spotted In Snowpeak :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 3 18 student sketch by AutobotAxann student sketch :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 0 1 Sainou no Akademii 1 by AutobotAxann Sainou no Akademii 1 :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 3 3
Mature content
Circus of the Inner Mind 5 :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 1 3
Circus of the Inner Mind 4
Characters come and they go.
People lose interest in what they were once obsessed about, and  their tastes constantly change. As they lose interest, they dispose of the things that no longer matter and replace them with the things that now do, like dolls or clothes.
In the circus, the things that were tossed away like old toys and garbage were people. And, when they were tossed away, they were skinned and their meat were turned into meals for the starving performers.
And pretty soon, someone was going to be thrown out.
As Marth gingerly cleaned the gate to the circus, he turned to see Hanni glaring at him darkly. Feeling a little nervous about the situation, Marth tossed the old rag he was using into the nearby bucket of water and smiled as sweetly as he could.
"She's disposing of someone today," Hanni announced. "I was wondering if you wanted to have the honors of skinning the body and readying the meat."
Marth nodded quietly as he relaxed, understanding now t
:iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 0 7
Circus of the Inner Mind 3
A long time ago, Toon Link had a family. He still remembered his last day with his family like it was just the other day.
He remembered Big Brother, tall and strong, his dirty blonde hair swaying as he readied his horse...
He remembered his twin brother, looking like him with lighter blonde hair and a smile on his face...
And he remembered his little sister.
Aryll looked up from the little sandcastle she was making on the beach. She could have sworn that she had heard something, so she stood up, deciding to look around.
It was then she saw the cave on the side of the mountain that lead into the woods.
Aryll ran into it, ignoring the calls Link and Young Link were screaming.
Mist began to surround her, sounds of whips and cackles sounded in her ears, until at last she saw the flaming lantern hanging off a gate with the word "CIRCUS" engraved on it.
"Circus..." Aryll read out loud, confused.
"The door you are about to open is a door to a dangerous land that you need not se
:iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 1 2
Mature content
Circus of the Inner Mind 2 :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 2 3
Mature content
Circus of the Inner Mind 1 :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 0 2
Gakuen Smash - Prologue
Dear Sonic,
Life in Smash Academy isn't really all that bad. In fact, I think if I work hard enough and keep my mind of some things, I may even grow to like it here. I already made a few friends.
The teachers of the school don't really like them. They say that they are troublemakers and someone like me shouldn't converse with them... but I can't help it, Sonic. They remind me so much of you. I guess that's why I feel like I should hang out with them, I suppose.
If you can, just hold on a bit longer. I'm not allowed to write letters every week like you are, and I understand that you're getting frustrated with my lack of replies. I'm sorry, Sonic. I really am. But I don't make the rules here, and sometimes, I really wish I did.
Hopefully, I'll be there for Christmas, okay?
- Tails
Smash: Invention
Miles, normally called "Tails" by friends, is an Invention Smash. That means that he can build any kind of machine that he des
:iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 2 6
Faults and Sorrows - Link by AutobotAxann Faults and Sorrows - Link :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 0 9 RIP Dakota by AutobotAxann RIP Dakota :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 3 34 Hold, Release Pear by AutobotAxann Hold, Release Pear :iconautobotaxann:AutobotAxann 1 7
Behold, my latest works!


Seriously people. by himanuts Seriously people. :iconhimanuts:himanuts 445 278 Zelda's Story - Finished by BananaWork Zelda's Story - Finished :iconbananawork:BananaWork 266 58 Project : Loading.... by lavena-lav Project : Loading.... :iconlavena-lav:lavena-lav 335 25 ::Iris_and_Dento:: by Atharple ::Iris_and_Dento:: :iconatharple:Atharple 161 82 Witty monkey related title by Chloemew4ever Witty monkey related title :iconchloemew4ever:Chloemew4ever 244 34 Toshi goes RAWR? by Natural-Depression Toshi goes RAWR? :iconnatural-depression:Natural-Depression 6 6
Legend of Pandora - Prologue
The woman's face curled into a sneer, revealing her canine fangs. She could smell it, the scent of fear mingling with that of her prey. She would take her time; there was no hiding from a demon her power. Her eyes shone dark maroon in the fading twilight. Her hair ran down like a waterfall of darkness to the small of her back. Her shirt covered only her chest, revealing her muscular arms and body. Short leader shorts and knee-length leather boots covered her calves. From the tops of her boots, handles of sheathed, unknown weapons glinted malignantly in the light.
The demoness turned in an alley, the smell of fear and magic was strong. As she walked down the alley, she turned her head this wand that, her nose and ears straining for any sign of her target. It didn't take long; her prey presented itself to her. A small rustle in a large heap of trash was the only sign she needed. She turned, her scowl becoming the usual sneer. "You can come out now, mortal. I have all etermity to wait her
:iconheyyitsjayy:HeyyItsJayy 2 7
Mickey and Oswald Comic by KessieLou Mickey and Oswald Comic :iconkessielou:KessieLou 254 242 animation designs by ClementSauve animation designs :iconclementsauve:ClementSauve 533 22 Gijoe Renegades line up by ClementSauve Gijoe Renegades line up :iconclementsauve:ClementSauve 857 79 Midna - Legend of Zelda by nayuki-chan Midna - Legend of Zelda :iconnayuki-chan:nayuki-chan 12,704 672 Sheik - Legend of Zelda by nayuki-chan Sheik - Legend of Zelda :iconnayuki-chan:nayuki-chan 13,426 938 Princess Zelda Legend of Zelda by nayuki-chan Princess Zelda Legend of Zelda :iconnayuki-chan:nayuki-chan 13,537 843 Link - Legend of Zelda by nayuki-chan Link - Legend of Zelda :iconnayuki-chan:nayuki-chan 12,972 1,082
Behold, my latest favourites!



Why should I?
Current Residence: Konoha, Land of the Leaf
Favourite genre of music: Soundtrack
Favourite style of art: I like pencil art, and anime.
Operating System: Acer. (laptop)
MP3 player of choice: iPod.
Favourite cartoon character: Um... the Flash!
Personal Quote: Obsessive fangirls scare the SHIT out of me.
  • Listening to: Kokoro no Fanfare~
  • Reading: The Black adn White Manual
  • Watching: Pokémon: Best Wishes
  • Playing: Pokemon White/Black
  • Eating: Cheetos! :3
  • Drinking: Sprite
I am now a Cafemochashipper, a Cilan fangirl, an Iris fan, and an Ash liker once again. I have this anime to thank for that.

Seriously, the Best Wishes anime was meant to "redo" the series as it should have been. IT DID IT'S JOB. And, as such, Ash is once again a newbie, but at least he's not all "LOL I AM THE BEST" anymore... Team Rocket has actually grown some BRAINS.

... And they brought back the Pokérap.

Believe it or not, this transformers fangirl has moved on to newer devices... and that is called... CILAN'S FUCKING PANSAGE.

I AM NOT KIDDING. THAT THING IS AWESOME. He almost always has a smile on his face. He's, like, the happiest Pansage alive. I wish he was out a bit more so he could interact with Ash's Pikachu and Iris' Axew... but alas... he is not...

Well, I'm not good at rating Anime or anything, but I definitely recommend the new Pokémon series. Best Wishes... it's just... *eyes sparkle*

It's Anime Time!

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